Tips for Selling More Books

Before you even start writing your book, you should consider several factors, such as why are you writing a book, who would read your book, who is your target audience and how will you connect with them? Marketing a book starts the minute that you put pen to paper, or at least it should be a consideration.

10 Tips For Selling More Books Before You Even Publish:

10 Tips For Selling More Books

  1. A first step to selling more books may be to redefine your mission from that of publishing books to solving readers’ problems or entertaining readers with your content.
  2. Analyze your book idea for consistency in purpose — does it need re-invention?
  3. Recognize that writing and publishing presents simultaneous challenges and opportunities for growth (on which will you dwell?)
  4. Be flexible and scale-able.
  5. The result of a creative writing session is not just an idea, but practical content that when implemented benefits readers and you as the author.
  6. The pursuit of shared value must be communicated internally and externally.
  7. Involve your readers, your colleagues and prospects in the creative process. For example, ask for feedback on a few chapters or on the cover design.
  8. Establish milestones to evaluate progress toward optimum creation.
  9. Seek opportunities for book sales outside your core avenue (i.e., in sales on your website or brick and motor bookstores).
  10. Start to build a connection with your target audience long before publication.