Having writing skills is a big advantage. But don’t depend solely on your human skills. Technology, tools and software can help you in your writing.

Use online tools to improve the technical elements in your writing. Some technical elements that can spoil a good book are excessive sentence lengths, too many repeatitive phrases, and insufficient strong active verbs.

Proofread can spot redundant phrases, misspellings, passive verbs, and complex sentences.

SpellCheck Plus and Language Tool are two effective tools to check your spelling and grammar.

After the Deadline works with different writing applications. It checks the text for grammar and spelling errors.

For our self-publishing writers, Scrivener and IA Writer are excellent high quality software.

WordPress is a word processor software that is well known by writers throughout the world. Writers find the many features extremely useful for their writing.

And after writing your books, you can archive them in digital libraries. Evernote and Pocket are first-rate for saving and accessing books.

Social media tools help you decide where and when to post your contents. Buffer and HootSuite are two very popular tools.

You can select from our wide array of software and tools. Our professional proofing and editing team also make extensive use of the software in helping self-publishers with their work.

Though the software and tools provide a great advantage to you, you still need humans to help you in other areas of your writing. There are points in a story that require human intervention. Our teams can help you analyze completion of all your subplots. They can assess if the characters in your book are worded to bring out the emotions of the readers. Our highly trained professionals can evaluate the impact your written words will have on the readers.