Book covers will bring the reader to the book. But what makes the reader refuse to put it down once he picks it up? The answer lies, not only in your amazing writing, but also in the design of the book interior.

Composition of a book

Every book is composed of the front matter, the body and the back matter. The front matter contains the title, the copyright and the table of contents. Foreword, introduction, and preface are also part of the front matter. The body is the main story of the book. It is divided into sections or chapters. The back matter includes the appendix, epilogue, and afterword.

Interior book design

You, the self-publisher, have the right to design the book’s interior, within the standard printing rules. You can layout the interior as you desire. Text, colors and even images can form the contents of your book. If you are not familiar with designing the book’s interior, try looking at other books and get a feel of how they are laid out. You can grab some ideas from other books or you can use their approach to come up with your own unique layout. Look at our samples. Our team has made book interior designs for hundreds of best-sellers worldwide.

You own the book. You can do whatever you want in the interior of your book. Fonts, trim size and layouts are the main considerations when designing the book’s interior. The fonts must be easily readable from a distance. Try using an 11pt font. Larger fonts are all right but could take up a lot of space. Leave adequate space between lines. There must be a noticeable spacing between paragraphs. When the book is open and facing you, the right hand page should contain the title. Putting images inside the book can help the reader visualize what is going on in the story.

You can use our advice to do your own book interior design, or … Call us to help you set up the interior of your book. We will make sure all pages are numbered correctly and ready for Book printing. As a self-publisher, you want your book to be perfect, both outside and inside. We help you make your expectations come true.