Editing is crucial

Done with your first book? When you finish writing your book, you might think it’s a simple case of having your book printed. It’s not that easy. There are a lot of pitfalls ahead before you can publish your book. Having your book professionally edited is crucial!

Avoid rushing your work

Do you get the feeling that your book is taking too long to complete? Are you delayed in your deadlines? Are people and bookstores pushing you to release your book right away? These stressful situations can pressure you into finishing your work in a rush.

Watch out! If you write in a rush, you are susceptible to grammatical errors and even in misspelling of simple words. You can only hope any errors will be caught when your book goes through the proofreading process.

Proofing and editing the quick and cheap way

Everybody is interested in saving money and time, and self-publishers are no exception. So, you saved money by asking friends to help you in the proofing and editing process. No doubt, friends will try their best to help you and they will most likely not charge for their services. Unfortunately, your friends are not experienced and familiar with the intricacies of proofreading.

Trusting them, you accept their judgment and proceed with printing your books.

Big Mistake! Before you know it, reviews come pouring in showing that your book contains many errors.

Instead of saving time and money, you lose in sales and waste more time correcting your book. What you should do from the very start is call us, the professional proofing and editing team.

Professionals on the job

We use checklists to make sure nothing is overlooked. We proofread and edit your work several times. We go through your work carefully and meticulously with a fine tooth comb.

We invite you to review our work. We guarantee you will be fully satisfied with our proofing and editing process. We have the experience and expertise. Rest assured that your book will go to print with no errors at all!