Readers get attracted to books through book covers. The saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” holds true for book covers. A superior book cover design will attract attention and draw people in. The design conveys what is expected from a book. The reader gets a general idea of what the book is all about even before they open the book.

Composition of a book cover

The design of the book’s front cover shows the title and the name of the author. You should include any other text and graphics that will attract the reader. The book’s spine holds the pages together. It is also part of the book cover and should display the title and author’s name. When books are stacked in shelves, the spine is what is seen by the readers. The text on the spine should be readable from a distance. The back design of the book cover must have the ISBN and barcode if you are planning on selling at bookstores and can include a book description, a short biography of the author and testimonials.

You, as the author, are in the best position to decide what book cover design should be used for your book. Take a look at our sample book covers. Take a look at other books in a similar genre as your book. Inspect their graphics and text. Note the layout and style of the design. Before you sit down with us, we want you to have a good idea of what your book cover should look like. This is your book! You should be totally satisfied with how your book cover looks. And that can only be done if you get a feel of book cover designs.

Look closely at different book covers…

What fonts are applied on the title and author’s name?

What information is placed on the front and back book covers?

What other graphics complement the text on the front and back covers?

Will the reader get an idea of what the book is all about from the book cover design?

With that in mind, come to us about your book cover design. We can make your book cover come to life. We use graphics that appeal to the senses. We apply images that relate to the readers. The text on the book cover can vividly describe the book and inform the reader of what to expect from the book. We have a large selection of high resolution breathtaking images and photos to choose from. You can also choose from other websites such as Getty Images, Fotolia and StockSnap.

Are you in need of a professional Book Cover designer?

Hiring a professional graphic designer could be the best decision for designing your book cover. You work closely with the designer and explain your ideas. The designer can put all your thoughts and visions on paper. Working hand in hand with the designer ensures your every thought is captured in the right context. is in the business of designing book covers. We can provide you with a lot of samples to choose from. There are hundreds of books worldwide that carry our book cover designs.   We can also make your design from scratch – a unique, one of a kind cover. Our rates are lower than other standard publishing companies. We do not charge upfront. We charge only when you are fully satisfied with the design. Our artwork becomes your own.

Our professional designers have amassed many years of experience doing book cover designs. They can apply their design skills to all genres, including your specific book. All their designs are unique. We work together with the author in designing the book cover. Our talented specialists, together with the author, combine text, graphics, photos and color schemes into a spectacular book cover. Call us to find out how we can help.

This is your book. You own and control the book. You want your book to be seen and desired by everyone worldwide. Your wish can become a reality. Our book cover design will be an eye-catcher that will make every reader want to get hold of your book.