Book Cover Design

Readers get attracted to books through book covers. The saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” holds true for book covers. A superior book cover design will attract attention and draw people in. The design conveys what is expected from a book. The reader gets a general idea of what the book is all about even before they open the book […..]


Done with your first book? When you finish writing your book, you might think it’s a simple case of having your book printed. It’s not that easy. There are a lot of pitfalls ahead before you can publish your book. Having your book professionally edited is crucial! […..]

Good Writing Habits

You can be an excellent writer. Start practicing good habits. Good habits need focus and concentration. We offer tips to inspiring people who are interested in becoming writers […..]

Interior Book Design

Book covers will bring the reader to the book. But what makes the reader refuse to put it down once he picks it up? The answer lies, not only in your amazing writing, but also in the design of the book interior […..]

ISBNs and Barcodes

ISBN is an acronym which stands for International Standard Book Number. The ISBN is needed for publishing and distributing a book via authorized booksellers. Booksellers worldwide require books to have an exclusive ISBN. No two books can have the same ISBN. The ISBN is used to distinguish and locate books all over the world. Booksellers will not be capable of finding your book without the ISBN […..]

Tools and Software

Having writing skills is a big advantage. But don’t depend solely on your human skills. Technology, tools and software can help you in your writing.Use online tools to improve the technical elements in your writing. Some technical elements that can spoil a good book are excessive sentence lengths, too many repeatitive phrases, and insufficient strong active verbs […..]

Writing an EBook

It can also give you an exhilarating feeling of accomplishment. As a self-publisher, it is important that you understand your rights and options. Aside from being the author, you are the publisher. You should make sure your eBook looks impressive and is great reading on all e-readers such as iPad, Nook, and Kindle. We have amassed a great deal of information to help you in writing and publishing your eBook […..]

Writing Tips

Find something unique to write about. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a topic which hasn’t been written about before. So, if you must write on everyday topics, approach it from an entirely new perspective. Do your research thoroughly. Discover a new slant about the topic. We have access to hundreds of thousands of books on many different genres, all available for your research […..]