Publishing and Promoting Comic Books

We all grew up spellbound by some of the great comic book characters such as Batman, Spiderman, Guardians of the Galaxy and many more. These popular superheroes have never failed to connect with audiences, be it young or old. Fun to read, comic books have had a great influence on many people and comics spark imagination unlike any other medium. This article will explain how to publish and promote comic books.

There is nothing more amazing than a self-published comic book getting noticed by the world. This is certainly one of life’s best moments for any comic book publisher. However, the road to success isn’t always easy. Let’s have a look at how to publish comic books.

Comic Book Printing and Promoting

Print or digital

This is often determined by budget. With the advent of technology, more people are going digital and the best part is that this route is affordable for comic book publishers. Intuitive navigation, crisp text and vibrant colors are few of the factors to consider.


In view of the fact that the format of your comic book will determine how many people can read it, it might be a good idea to publish in several formats. Be aware of all available formats and don’t forget EPUB, KF8, and PDF. Find out each one’s requirements and familiarize yourself with the technical specifications.

Printing Comic Books

For avid comic book readers, there is nothing like holding a printed comic book in your hands. can help you with all your comic book printing requirements.


Coming to the promotion of a comic book, you need a great marketing plan utilizing social media, press outreach, and online marketing. Unless you have a recognized audience, your objective should be to find and reach your target market and take possession of those early-on adopter customers that think your stuff is super cool and believe in your project. To summarize: reach out to your acquaintances; hook up with bloggers and content creators in your genre. Attend events and network; always continue to develop new marketing strategies and follow up on new channels. Practice the trial and error method; above all don’t forget to have a strong network of followers lined up.