Perfect Book Binding – A Key Signature

Perfect book binding is one of the most widely used soft cover book binding methods and when compared to all others, this binding option is durable and affordable.

Telephone directories are a good example of perfect bound books and this type of binding best suits books such as novels, catalogs, magazines and any other soft cover books. Some of the major adhesives such as PUR or EVA can be used for applying the outer cover and for bonding the pages. Some techniques that are followed for getting high durability are as follows:

  1. The first and foremost technique for perfect binding uses an adhesive which involves the applying of EVA glue to the already roughened spines of each leaflet which are then screwed together for tight bonding of the glued spines. The soft outer cover can be coated with UV or laminated and is glued on the top.
  2. The second technique is PUR (Polyurethane Reactive) adhesive bonding. This is an unique option for lay flat binding. Also it is the most flexible and high resistant binding for extreme temperatures. Its flexible characteristics prevent the book from cracking and the loosening of pages.
  3. Notch binding is one of the best methods for strong binding which is suitable for certain books such as big books. The notch folding provides frequent gluing on the spines and the binding is then strong enough to hold more pages.
  4. Lay flat binding is one of the user-friendly methods which provides the free floating caps that hold the leaflet with increased affordability. Also it is bound by using pressure sensitive glues for a longer lifetime.
  5. Smyth Sewn glue-on cover binding is the last and best method for perfect binding. Books which are bound by Smyth Sewn bindings rest completely flat, which makes it easier to read and to write in.