Eco Friendly Books

Our Policy

At it is our policy to keep our planet and its people in mind when considering our company’s goals. We maintain sustainable business practices, evolve with the ever changing landscape of eco-friendly designs, and remain completely transparent in the way we do this.

Our commitment to being a “Green Printer” means:

  • We are following all environmental health and safety requirements with an ever evolving philosophy to improving our practices.
  • A commitment to reducing our environmental and carbon footprint while continuously attempting to improve the efficiency of our business.
  • To be transparent to our community and industry in our environmental performance by providing our latest environmental reports.
  • Invite our supply chain to understand our environmental policy and seek continuing improvement through collaboration and testing of new products and materials.
  • Offer alternative materials, process and media to engineer projects with less environmental impact when possible.
  • Initiate and maintain a pollution reduction and active recycling program that focuses on source reduction, reuse and measurement in our manufacturing and office environment.
  • Maintain a plan, check and act management system at Image Options.
  • Develop an outreach program on environmental issues with our clients, community and industry.
  • Encourage participation in environmental best practices by all of our employees through regular education and training of current best practices.

Book Self Publishing is in compliance with all health and safety requirements and is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace through continued research and awareness of best practices on health, safety, and environmental issues.

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