Eco friendly Book Printing


Our Vision

Book Self Publishing believes the future requires companies to be dedicated to maintaining our resources. We strive to be an example of environmental stewardship by making use of the best business practices available to reduce the industrial printing industry’s impact to the planet. Our company is located in Southern California and we have more than 25 years experience delivering quality printing to our clients.

We believe in reaching a balance between business and the environment. We aspire to be environmentally conscious and use sustainable business principles in all aspects of professional printing and photography.

Being Green is about values, attitude, choices, and changing your way of thinking. It requires developing an attitude toward sustainability and practices that can be incorporated into our everyday lives. We are a company based on values that reflect an environmental ethic and social conscience.

Our Mission

To represent a standard that we believe our employees, competitors, and future generations need to st
rive towards. The book publishing and printing industry needs to be accountable for the resources we consume and we believe that our carbon footprint on this planet can be offset by taking necessary steps to ensure we’re doing our part. We offset our paper usage and carbon footprint to the environment by making sure we are planting new trees and by using low/zero emission machines.

Becoming ecologically and economically sustainable go hand in hand. We believe that businesses that are able to work with the environment rather than simply consume its resources, will not only rise to the top of their market, but will help secure their futures and the futures of succeeding generations. 


Green Printing