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Cost incurred in Self-Publishing a Book

Self-publishing is when authors publish their own books either as paperbacks and/or e-books. In the case of self-publishing authors have two options: one is to completely do everything themselves or alternatively to outsource some or all of the self-publishing tasks to professionals. Processes involved in Self-publishing: Editing, formatting, printing, publishing and marketing are the basic […]

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An insight into ISBNs

What are ISBNs? ISBN – An International Standard Book Number is a unique numeric commercial book identifier code which is assigned for every newly published book, and each edition of the same book. They were first introduced in 1970 and the main aim of assigning ISBNs is for booksellers, libraries, and distributors to track the […]

Marketing Tips: Self-Publishing a Book with Facebook and Twitter

The emergence of social media has created a wonderful marketing tool for self-publishers. Engaging readers in every way, it offers many options that traditional avenues of marketing didn’t. This introductory guide on social media tips for independent authors will give you some ideas for marketing your book on Facebook and Twitter. Before having a look […]

Self-Publishing Marketing Plan: Step-by-Step Guide

What is the secret ingredient behind the most successful independent authors? Marketing! The road to self-publishing is lined with several factors, but the significance of marketing can’t be disregarded. An author with an effective marketing plan is said to have the best chance. However, even for the seasoned pros, marketing can be tough to navigate. […]

Self-Publishing a Book: Targeting Reviewers – What to Say and What Not to Say

Great reviews for a book means greater sales! Reviews play a vital role in the sales of a book. Any established author out there would consider reviews to be critical in the sales process, especially online. Seeking reviews ethically is important. Before getting the book published, marketing it, soliciting reviews, sending out review copies and […]

Reach Millions of Readers by Self-Publishing Your Book

Reach Millions of Readers by Self-Publishing Your Book

Why self-publishing? Self-publishing is an appealing option and there are many reasons why authors find it attractive. This fast growing segment of the publishing industry, when compared to the traditional publishing method, allows the author to be in control of the entire creative and selling process. When you self-publish you are in charge of your […]