Authors request to know which style would be best suited for their manuscript or genre. We’ve assembled a list of popular book styles to help get you started. Our book pricing tool can help you receive a custom quote depending on your needs.

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Showcase your talent of novel writing by printing it at the deserved means!

Give your novel the printing style it deserves! From online journals to printed magazines, from historical fiction to realistic fiction, the road to self-publishing your novel isn’t easy.

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Novel book printing


Cookbook Printing

Share your love for food and let your recipes go a long way!

Cookbooks are a basic kitchen reference that’s a great addition to your kitchen. Compile all of your recipes into a cookbook and enjoy sharing with family, friends or market and sell your very own cookbook!

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Art Book Printing

Art book- it is a whole new way of looking at art!

Create a physical copy, exhibiting your artwork with a beautifully designed art book.

Intelligent printing choices should be the primary concern when it comes to art book printing. A good design apart from capturing attention, makes a buyer fall in love with your book right there in the store.

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Art Book

Comic book printing

Comic book Printing

Distinct visual part is what comes to mind when you think of a comic book. Thanks to the unique graphic natureā€¦

Just like any other craft, writers and illustrators of comics have their own vocabularial terms and expressions. With great attention to detail, every single element of a comic book describes the effectiveness of a character by the way it is printed. Panels, gutters and balloons are the main and basic parts responsible for basic visual ingredients of a comic book. Each element has its own advantage and helps in the overall picture of the character.

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Photo Book Printing

So you’ve been snapping and clicking away, pictures of your children, and now looking for ways of storing them as one? Photo book printing is the way to go!

Be it your wedding album, adventurous travel photo or your baby memory book; preserve them with photo book printing. They are a great way to keep your cherished memories close together. Tell a story through your captures/clicks around the world or a day with the family in an eloquently designed book that will last a lifetime. Present your pictures in a beautifully crafted photo book.

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Photo Book print


Custom Book Printing

Training Manuals / Company Manuals

Training manuals are an important part of an organization’s management function. Your company or training manual deserves professional printing!

Create effective and affordable manuals that will be an important tool in any training program. With a focus on proficiency, having your interactive manuals printed here will speed up your training activities while completing the task productively.

Focus on the big picture and get your manuals printed professionally at Bookselfpublishing. Order with confidence!

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Booklet Printing

Booklets are an effective tool for broadcasting any information about your product/company itself.

A creative, instructive and colorful booklet or a brochure should move readers to close it and call up for that particular business dealing or service. Simply said, it should mentally put your readers to call/ sign up for your service; this means your booklet should be attractive and must also illustrate things that the person is looking for, but in an informative yet entertaining and intriguing manner.

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Booklet Printing