Book Binding through Saddle Stitching

In printing, stitching is the process where wire staples are placed through sheets of papers. Saddle Stitch Binding is a very popular method of book binding in which folded sheets are gathered together, one inside the other, and then stapled through the fold line using wire staples. The staple pins in the spine are clinched between the center-most pages and they pass through the folded crease from the outside. Usually, two large wire staple pins are used close to the center of the spine. Saddle stitch binding is appropriate for smaller booklets and for volumes with only a few pages. Commonly Saddle Stitched Books include programs, wall calendars, booklets, newsletters, pamphlets, direct mailers, comic books, thinner magazines and catalogs.


The saddle stapler is distinguished by a V-shaped hump or a “saddle” which is used to align the central fold of the material to be stapled. The sheets are draped over the Saddle apparatus during the stitching process. When the binding is done, the cover and the pages are held together snugly. If the pages of thicker Saddle Stitched books are not aligned properly or are uneven, they are trimmed along the edge to keep them uniform and neat in appearance. It is therefore important to use ample blank space as margins around the content of your pages so that no print is buried too deep in the fold of the book’s spine or too near an edge that may be trimmed.

The Saddle Stitch book binding method is best for books with around 64 pages or less. If larger books are bound this way, they would be unable to close properly owing to the bulk of the pages and the book may not lie as flat as desired. Staplers with extremely long jaws, designed specifically for saddle stitching are commercially available, but to acquire the perfection and ensure that the binding of the book stays put, saddle stitching should be done by professionals who have experience in it. We at offer you Saddle Stitched binding for your books where you can customize the page count, size, design and layout as per your needs.