Cost incurred in Self-Publishing a Book

Self-publishing is when authors publish their own books either as paperbacks and/or e-books. In the case of self-publishing authors have two options: one is to completely do everything themselves or alternatively to outsource some or all of the self-publishing tasks to professionals. Processes involved in Self-publishing: Editing, formatting, printing, publishing and marketing are the basic […]

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An insight into ISBNs

What are ISBNs? ISBN – An International Standard Book Number is a unique numeric commercial book identifier code which is assigned for every newly published book, and each edition of the same book. They were first introduced in 1970 and the main aim of assigning ISBNs is for booksellers, libraries, and distributors to track the […]

An Insight into Book Binding Styles

An Insight into Book Binding Styles

Binding Styles Publishers consider binding styles as important because they have a huge impact on sales. The Book Binding is more or less like the spinal cord of the book, without it a book would just be loose sheets of paper. Binding styles depend on several factors and is a critical decision at the time […]

Publishing and Promoting Comic Books

We all grew up spellbound by some of the great comic book characters such as Batman, Spiderman, Guardians of the Galaxy and many more. These popular superheroes have never failed to connect with audiences, be it young or old. Fun to read, comic books have had a great influence on many people and comics spark […]

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Kindle Publishing – How? What? When? and Why?

Got a book and don’t know what the next step is? Fret no more. In today’s trends, online publishing is very popular. With the advent of technology and keeping the ecosystem in mind, paperless books have now become a fad. Self-publishing is catching on very quickly. Kindle and other publishing venues have brought a wave […]

Promoting Self Published Books

Promoting Self-Published Books

Marketing a self-published book is not always easy. It is all about getting the word out there, being discovered and reaching your target audience. Promote your book with these marketing ideas.