Why Spiral Bound Books Are The Choice of Millions?

Spiral bound books also known as coil bound books, is a widespread method to join the cover and pages together in a single document. This method is in use for a long time and is widely appreciated for the convenience that it offers. The process of spiral bound binding involves the use of flexible plastic or metal coil that is pushed into the holes punched along the spinal edge joining the cover and pages together. It makes an assembly of pages and cover that allows the book to open freely during the use.

Over the years, the concept of coil bound binding has managed to take place behind the saddle stitching and perfect binding. The credit goes to the number of advantages that the Coil binding method offers. Though you may not find it as economical as the saddle-stitching method but it does serve many purposes. Let’s find out in detail what the spiral bound binding has got to offer.

Spiral Bound Book Printing

The Advantages Associated With the Coil Bound Books are:

1) Ease of Opening The Pages To A Full 360 Degree:

Spiral bound books utilize the minimum space at a desk or table. They can be opened for a full 360 degrees and can fold all the way back upon them and constitute as an ideal choice for the cookbooks, maintenance manuals and sales presentations among various others. They are also a convenient option for travelers as they are easier to manage during travels.

2) The Pages Are Easy To Turn In The Spiral Bound Books:

You will find the pages less resistant to open as the pages of a coil bound books rotate freely around the coil unlike the hard cover books. It means that they have very less or no spiral tensions unlike the other binding styles which makes them a popular choice. This type of coil bound binding books requires minimum efforts to view the content. They are frequently used in wall calendars and in addition to the books; the pages can be easily flipped.

3) Flexible To Accommodates The Varying Page Counts:

Spiral coils can accommodate any thickness of the book as there are a myriad variety of diameters available for binding. The diameter of the coil gradually changes with the increase in number of pages of the book. The coils used could be of metal and plastic, however, the plastic coils offer more color options.

4) They Work Smoothly With The Use of Index Tabs:

Since the spiral binding method allows the pages to turn without resistance, it is often recommended for the projects that demand tabbed page dividers. So, the idea of spiral bound gives users a cozy experience while turning the pages of the book. Incorporated using the dividers with printed tabs work smoothly to open and locate any page in the documents. The tabs are available in varying colors for the readers’ convenience.

Spiral bound binding is a great choice, especially for the shorter production runs. It is popular because it has no extra work that involves the use of adhesives or extensive preparation. The process is straightforward that widespread its use. As the variant color options are available for the spiral bounds, its use is increasing day by day.