Soft Cover Book Binding or paperback books is the ideal choice for publishers to have their short run printed sheets turn into books by utilizing certain techniques. The basic soft cover binding approach involves applying adhesive (hot melt EVA or PUR glues) to the spine side of the pages and later wrapping around the pages with thick laminated film embossing the cover stock of book title or plain print. The soft cover books are then trimmed on three sides making it functional to the users. This method is highly cost effective on the publisher side as it ends giving the final book structure by using five methods- perfect binding, lay flat binding, PUR binding, smyth sewn glue-on cover binding and notch binding over the collated printed sheets. offers comprehensive soft binding packages that make your book lively and long-lasting, keeping your words live over years.

Soft Cover Book Binding

Paperback book binding is one of the cheapest and effective binding techniques suitable for yearly editions, fiction books, comics, scientific books, cook books, brochures, annual reports and other publications. The process of making paperback books is less time consuming where the publisher can get their editions in a quick time. For regular publishers this soft cover binding is the ideal choice to get their editions delivered on time. Paperback books can be handled in an easier way with convenient access to pages. Adhesive wrapping technique produces the easy portable lightweight books.

To get durable soft cover books the used adhesives must be of superior grade without any artificial mix. Not all binding services can afford this only few stands top in offering the quality services and one such top notch soft cover binding providers is High end equipment and best adhesive products make your book extremely durable.