If you are thinking to print a magazine or book with pages ranging from 40 to 700 in number, then the perfect bound book printing could be an ideal choice for you. It is an extremely cost friendly option and gives your books an appealing appearance ideal for professional work. It doesn’t matter if the quantities are small, you will always have huge gains with the perfect bound books. The perfect bound book printer serves flawlessly for a broad range of publications, reports and even the soft cover books consisting of hundreds of pages.

You might be having various questions in your mind about the bound books. But no worries, here you will get to know the frequently asked questions. The following guide has been created for the aspiring authors like you to make you familiar with the every aspect of printing the perfect bound books. If you are about to publish your book, company reports or preparing a glossy manual, below-mentioned information will help you in the process:

What exactly is The Perfect Bound Book Printing and How It Helps?

The Perfect bound document printing is one of the most frequently used binding techniques which can be best suited for any magazine, book or report. With the help of this technique, the cover and pages are glued together using a strong adhesive. These are smartly put together at the spine that leaves the book with a smooth and stylish finish.

In the first place, all the inside pages of the publication are put together into a required squared piece. Then, extremely solid and flexible PUR glue is applied to the back edge of the piece, prior to wrapping the book cover, so that the pages easily get bonded along the spine. This PUR glue offers the unmatched quality and strength to the binding that stands well on the quality. Lastly, as soon as the glue gets fixed at the place, the three edges of the pages and cover are trimmed to leave a perfectly squared and smooth appearance.

Perfect Bound Book Printing

Why Should You Prefer Perfect Bound Printing?

If you are looking to achieve the elegant look with the document binding, then the Perfect bound printing serves in your best interests. Moreover, it’s an extremely cost-effective binding method that gives the professional and eye-catching touch to your documents. Furthermore, this method works great when you need to bind up to 700 pages in a one go.

What Are The Different Sizes Available For The Perfect Bound Document Printing?

The printing for perfect bound books can be conveniently chosen from a number of sizes. Usually, the accessible sizes are landscape, A5 portrait, A4 portrait, 1/3 A4 portrait, etc. Additionally, the silk or gloss coating can be applied to the inner text pages that could add extra weights from 100gsm to 150gsm.

The perfect bound book printing is a viable solution for your binding needs. You can also ask to use the laminated cover for a better quality finish. The services can be greatly customized with the help of a professional bound document printing service. They even give you the option to use gloss coated paper if you are more concerned about the sheen of the paper.

Technical features of Perfect-Bound Binding:

With a cover made from heavier paper, this binding consists of various sections that are glued together at the spine using a very strong glue. Allowing the hot glue to make its way into the spine of the book, notches and sections are applied and milled in the back. Then the sides are face trimmed as this allows the book to be opened later.

Telephone directories are a good example of perfect bound books and this type of binding best suits books such as:

  • Booklets

  • Novels

  • Comic books

  • Graphic novels

  • Catalogs

  • Magazines

  • Soft cover books

With perfect binding you can expect nothing less than an elegant outcome that’s absolutely professional. If you are looking to make perfect bound books, look no further than BookSelfPublishing.com, for we will offer you the best quote and quality.


Featured Testimonial

Graphic Novel: Moses

“My buddy and I finished a mammoth 600 page graphic novel. We printed copies through a different company, one who was supposed to specialize in comics, but they botched it. I found BookSelfPublishing.com online and called them.

Long story short, our book is beautiful and we are extremely happy with the product. We will continue working with them and you should consider giving them a call.” – Dean Westerfield, California

Graphic Novel

Online Book Printing

Picture of the graphic novel, Moses by Dean Westerfield. (Book cover features UV Coating.)

Online Book Printer

A book we printed for a client’s marketing conference.


What Our Clients Have Said:

“Thank you so much, all the books arrived yesterday, and are looking stellar! I just want you to know how appreciative I am for your and BookSelfPublishing.com‘s hard work. You guys are such kind beautiful souls, and I’ll never forget it.” – Caroline, New York


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Sharie, Florida


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*Disclaimer: Pictures of books featured were taken in lit areas with UV coating on the cover. Actual book covers would appear different in person.