Binding is a craft! This specialized process is thousands of years old and there are many different techniques available. The method chosen to bind a book or a magazine simply depends on the project. Exclusive of perfect binding, any chosen method will have certain limitations pertaining to the size of paper used. There are mainly three factors that come into play which determine your selection, namely:

  • Purpose of the Document

  • Printing Budget

  • Number of Pages

Each method differs according to cost and durability, coupled with appearance, and we at BookSelfPublishing will help you to determine the right option that best suits your requirements.

Book Printing

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Our company specializes in several types of binding options:

Perfect Bound (Softcover)

Perfect BoundWith application of hot glue, the pages are stacked on the left side and adhered to the cover. This method is best suited for paperback books.

Spiral Bound

Spiral BoundThis is one of the most common bindery options available and it is used for booklets, calendars, reports etc.

Saddle Stitching

Saddle stitching is one of the most economical and common binding options. The books are stapled at the spine fold and this method is best for instruction manuals, magazines and children’s books.

Double Looped

Double Loop BindingAlso known as twin loop binding, this option of bindery helps books to lay open easily and be turned 360┬░.


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